What Should I Do After a Construction Zone Car Accident in Arizona?

Posted on August 18, 2020 in Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Construction zones can be unsafe places for workers and drivers alike. From 1982 to 2017, approximately 27,000 people died in work zone accidents in the US. Roadside construction zones can present many hazards for drivers, including bright lights, distractions, loose gravel, uneven shoulders, confusing detours and equipment left too close to the road. If you get into a construction zone car accident in Arizona, take certain steps to protect your right as a victim and to file a valid insurance claim to damages.

Call the Cops From the Scene of the Construction Zone Accident

First, call 911 to make sure the police are present at the scene of the accident. You will need the police to draw up an accident report for use during your car insurance claim. Your insurance company will request the police report number, so ask for it before the police leave the scene. Always call the cops for a car accident in Arizona that causes injuries, deaths or more than $1,000 in property damages. Give the police your side of the story, including how you believe the construction zone accident happened. The police can take statements from eyewitnesses and take official photographs of the crash scene for you as well.

Take Your Own Pictures

One of the most common pieces of advice you will hear from personal injury lawyers is to take photographs and videos while still at the scene of a car accident. Photographs and videos can serve as indisputable evidence during a construction zone car accident case. A picture of a poorly lit construction zone with equipment lying in the road, for example, could serve as evidence of the construction company’s neglect to maintain a safe workspace. Take as many pictures as you can before you leave the scene, or return to your crash site as soon as possible after receiving medical care for photos.

Write Down the Details of Your Accident

While the details of what happened are still fresh in your mind, write down a description of the construction zone car accident. Write down your version of how the crash happened in as much detail as you can remember. Include the names of anyone else involved in the crash, as well as any eyewitnesses. Write down the name of the construction company, the time and date, the location of your crash, your police report number, and any other relevant details. This information will help you craft an insurance claim.

Obtain Medical Care

Go to the hospital nearest you for professional medical attention after a construction zone accident in Arizona. Prompt care could treat your injuries and avoid further damage, such as a more severe brain injury or organ damage. It could also show an auto insurance company you did your part to protect yourself after a construction zone accident – ultimately helping you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

File an Insurance Claim Against the At-Fault Party

Start the insurance claims process immediately after a construction zone car accident – ideally within 24 hours. You will file your claim with the insurance provider of the at-fault party, pursuant to Arizona’s tort-based insurance law. In a construction zone accident claim, this could be the construction company, a contractor, a construction vehicle driver, the owner of the property or another driver. The question of liability will come down to who or what caused your accident. If the construction company negligently did not alert drivers to dangerous conditions or provide a safe detour, for example, it could be liable for your damages. You may need a lawyer’s help in determining liability and bringing an insurance claim.

Contact a Phoenix Accident & Injury Attorney

Hire a Phoenix car accident lawyer in Arizona if you need assistance with your injury claim. It may be difficult to understand who caused your accident and where to file an insurance claim. After you file, you may need a lawyer’s assistance negotiating with the insurance company for fair and full financial compensation. A Phoenix construction accident lawyer could help you collect evidence, prove fault and recover maximum compensation for your damages after a construction zone crash in Arizona.