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A construction accident could alter your life forever. Most construction accidents that cause catastrophic personal injuries and wrongful deaths are preventable with due care and adherence to industry regulations. When employers and construction site managers cut corners and violate federal regulations, workers and bystanders can suffer the consequences.

If you experienced a serious injury or a family member recently died in an Arizona construction accident, our Phoenix construction accident lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy want to hear your story. From there, we can tailor a legal strategy to help your family bring an injury or death claim against the responsible individual or entity. Contact us today.

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The Construction Industry’s Fatal Four

Every year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) collects data on workplace accidents, injuries, and deaths in the United States to better understand how to prevent tragic incidents. The construction industry is consistently responsible for the highest number of worker fatalities in America year after year. In 2017, 20.7% of worker deaths in the private industry segment were in construction. According to OSHA, four hazards cause the majority of construction worker deaths.

  1. Falls (39.2%)
  2. Struck-by object (8.2%)
  3. Electrocutions (7.3%)
  4. Caught-in/between objects or equipment (5.1%)

The safety standard violations OSHA cites most often when visiting construction sites in America include lack of adequate fall protection, poor scaffold construction, negligent hazard communication standards and failure to control hazardous energy. The same risks construction workers face could also seriously injure or kill drivers and pedestrians crossing through construction zones in Arizona. It is up to construction companies to reasonably eliminate safety and health hazards.

Who Is Liable?

Arizona construction companies are legally responsible for most worker and bystander injuries in construction zones. It is the company’s responsibility to routinely inspect the site for hazards, fix known risks, properly train workers, repair construction equipment and maintain safe construction sites. Failure to uphold these duties, resulting in serious construction site accidents, could lead to construction company liability.

Holding a construction company, site manager, property owner, product manufacturer, or another party accountable for your losses requires proving certain elements. First, you or your lawyer must establish the defendant owed you a legal duty of care. The defendant must have breached a duty of care and negligently or recklessly caused your injuries. Finally, you must have suffered real and measurable damages as a result of the defendant’s actions or omissions.

What Can a Phoenix Construction Accident Lawyer Do to Help?

Gallagher & Kennedy’s plaintiff attorneys can use proven strategies to help build your claim and secure compensation on your behalf. Not only we will advocate for your rights as an injured individual or family but we will also pressure construction companies, lawmakers and safety organizations to make a real change in policy that could help increase the safety of the industry in the future. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer from Gallagher & Kennedy can help you push for an institutional change in the construction industry. Your claim could make a positive impact on the community as a whole.

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