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The plaintiffs’ attorneys at Gallagher & Kennedy have represented families who have lost a loved one due to wrongful misconduct for decades, and have helped wrongful death survivors recover fair compensation in some of Arizona’s highest-profile wrongful death cases. We have obtained more than $500 million in favorable results for our personal injury clients over the past 20 years. Our Phoenix wrongful death lawyers know how to address the specific challenges surrounding wrongful death lawsuits in Arizona. Our goal is to help you overcome obstacles that may prevent your family from receiving fair case results. Call (602) 530-8400 to find out how we can assist you.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ

Why Choose Our Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyers?

  • Our years of experience could change the outcome of your wrongful death claim.
  • Our lawyers can litigate, or take your case to court, if necessary.
  • Our firm has a proven track record of success in helping clients with complex civil claims.
  • Our attorneys advocate for institutional changes to prevent wrongful death in the future.
  • Our services will cost you nothing unless we win compensation for your family.

Why You Should Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Arizona

Misconduct that causes the death of an innocent person inherently presents serious legal and practical issues that demands attention from an attorney with practice area experience. No amount of compensation will be adequate to make amends for the loss the wrongful death has inflicted on your family. Fighting for maximum financial relief, however, could provide your family with the assistance it needs – especially if the innocent person who was killed was the family primary breadwinner. Retaining experienced Phoenix wrongful death lawyers optimizes your odds of winning the case, securing fair compensation, achieving justice, and holding the party responsible to ensure it doesn’t happen again to another family.

We Can Navigate Arizona’s Laws on Your Behalf

Each state has unique wrongful death laws claimants must obey to have valid claims. Your Phoenix wrongful death lawyer can navigate these laws on your behalf, filing your lawsuit within the state’s statute of limitations and according to all related laws. Your family does not have to get through the legal process alone. We are one of Arizona’s most respected wrongful death practices, and ready and willing to help as we have helped dozens of other families over the last 20 years cope with the legal issues involved after the loss of a loved one due to someone’s misconduct.

  • Grounds to file. The definition of wrongful death in Arizona is a fatality stemming from someone else’s wrongful act, neglect or default. A claimant may have the right to bring a wrongful death claim if the deceased individual would have had grounds to file a personal injury claim.
  • Deadline for filing. The strict time limit for filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Arizona is two years from the date of the deceased person’s death in most cases, and less if there are claims against government entities or employees. Most courtrooms do not grant exceptions to the statute of limitations, so it is very important to bring your case by the deadline.
  • Restrictions on claimants. Most people who were dependent on the deceased person for financial or emotional support will have the ability to file a wrongful death claim in Arizona: the surviving spouse, children or parent of the wrongful death victim, or a personal representative of the victim’s estate.

Arizona’s statute also lists the potential financial recoveries a family could receive for the wrongful death of a loved one. Your family could be eligible for losses suffered by both your loved one and the decedent’s estate. Damages could include funeral and burial expenses, medical bills, emergency care, lost financial benefits, lost inheritance, property repairs, and pain and suffering.

Get Justice for the Death of Your Loved One

At Gallagher & Kennedy, we approach each wrongful death case with sensitivity to factors such as time and legal costs. We work hard to achieve clients’ goals through a results-oriented focus after meeting with clients to get to know them. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers personalize our services based on each unique family.

Our Phoenix wrongful death attorneys have represented families after high-profile Arizona tragedies such as fatal aviation accidents, the 2009 Sedona Sweat Lodge tragedy, a 2008 fatal ski bus crash, the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry involving the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, and many other significant cases. We have what it takes to make strong claims against all the parties responsible in Arizona or anywhere in the United States or the world.

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Contact us today at (602) 530-8400 for a one-on-one interview with one of our Phoenix wrongful death lawyers. We empathize with families dealing with tragic, unexpected and unjust losses. Let us help you fight for justice for your recently deceased and fair compensation for their survivors.