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At Gallagher & Kennedy, our lawyers do not believe riding a motorcycle means you are asking for danger. Motorcycling is a fun and fuel-efficient way to get around Arizona. It is also safe, as long as everyone on the road does his or her part. Unfortunately, not all drivers behave the way they should behind the wheel. Distracted, reckless, negligent, and speeding motor vehicle drivers could cause catastrophic motorcycle crashes.

If you or someone you love was recently in a motorcycle crash in Arizona, speak to our Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys about your future. We may be able to help you file an insurance claim, negotiate a fair settlement and/or take a defendant to court in pursuit of fair results. Our Phoenix personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping personal injury and wrongful death plaintiffs. Contact us today for a free motorcycle crash case review.

Why Motorcycle Riders in Arizona Choose Us

  • Our law firm is the sixth-largest in Arizona, with the resources to match.
  • Our attorneys have won numerous local and national awards.
  • Our legal team’s values are hard work, family, fairness and helping others.
  • Our experienced lawyers advocate for new laws and product recalls in addition to client rights.
  • Our personal injury law firm accepts most cases using contingency fee arrangements.

How Our Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

During the personal injury claim process, you may encounter issues that make it more difficult to obtain what you believe is a fair recovery. First, the other driver may refuse to admit fault. Then, the insurance company may deny your injury claim with an excuse such as comparative negligence. The insurance company may try to blame you for your injuries – especially if you were not wearing motorcycle safety equipment, such as a helmet. Proving your eligibility for insurance benefits may take help from a Phoenix accident lawyer. Hiring an injury attorney can help you negotiate a fair settlement or jury verdict as an injured motorcyclist in Arizona.

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

In 2017, 2,969 motorcyclists got into accidents in the state of Arizona. A motorcycle accident is often the culmination of someone else’s negligence. Negligent motorists can cause serious and deadly motorcycle crashes in many ways.

  • Failing to watch for motorcyclists
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Running red lights
  • Making unsafe left-hand turns
  • Texting and driving

Human error is the main cause of motorcycle wrecks in Arizona. Other things that could cause a crash include dangerous road conditions or defective motorcycle part. A Phoenix auto defect lawyer from Gallagher & Kennedy could help you understand who or what caused your motorcycle accident with a thorough investigation.

Arizona’s Comparative Negligence Laws

The pure comparative negligence laws in Arizona typically help motorists with accident claims. Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-2505 states that a party’s contributory negligence in causing an accident will not bar him or her from financial recovery. In many motorcycle accident cases, however, insurance companies use comparative fault as a means of diminishing the injured motorcyclist’s recovery award. The defendant may use a judge or jury’s predisposition against motorcyclists to reduce the plaintiff’s payout.

The best way to navigate Arizona’s negligence laws in your favor is to hire a Phoenix injury attorney from Gallagher & Kennedy. Our motorcycle injury claim lawyers support Arizona’s motorcycle community and can aggressively defend your rights during an insurance claim or lawsuit. We could help you prove your case by establishing the other party’s duty, breach of duty and fault for your accident. Our experienced legal team could also use medical records and testimony from physicians to help you pursue compensation by establishing that you suffered motorcycle accident injuries because of the defendant’s negligence.

Speak to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

Gallagher & Kennedy’s Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers know how to protect and help you during this difficult time. While you are dealing with your physical injuries, missed time from work, medical bills and care, let us handle your accident claim. Our Phoenix accident attorneys will fight for the best possible results on your behalf. You will not pay anything upfront, and no fees at all unless we win. Contact us today for a free case evaluation with one of our injury attorneys. Call (602) 530-8400.

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