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Unwanted acceleration could lead to rear-end collisions, fender benders or much more serious car crashes in Arizona. Unexpected and unintentional acceleration could lead to a runaway vehicle, head-on collisions or deadly wrong-way accidents. Sudden and unwanted acceleration is one of the deadliest vehicle defects in the automotive industry.

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Do You Need an Unwanted Acceleration Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ?

A vehicle’s unintentional acceleration may give you grounds for a product liability claim in Arizona. Unless you have a background in product liability law, you may not be able to position your case in a way that forces an insurance company to offer fair compensation. Insurance companies often try to take advantage of clients through unfair tactics. Hiring a lawyer can prevent this from happening to you. An insurance company or manufacturing corporation will have to take your claim seriously if an experienced attorney is representing your interests. Contact our Phoenix auto defect lawyers.

What Is Unwanted Acceleration?

Unwanted acceleration, also referred to as unintended acceleration, is the sudden forward or backward movement of a vehicle without the operator pressing the gas pedal. Sudden acceleration incidents are typically high-power bursts that can launch a vehicle into oncoming traffic, a fixed object or off the road. Brake failure often accompanies unwanted acceleration. It is a serious and sometimes deadly vehicle defect that may come down to manufacturer liability.

Who Is Liable for an Unwanted Acceleration Accident in Arizona?

Unwanted acceleration is typically an issue that traces back to a defective product. An auto part defect such as an electrical malfunction, gear problem, stuck pedal, unresponsive pedal, jammed throttle or runaway diesel engine could cause unwanted acceleration and related catastrophic car accidents. In these cases, victims may have grounds for product liability lawsuits.

  • The vehicle contained an inherent defect.
  • The vehicle defect caused the car accident.
  • The victim was using the vehicle or part correctly.

The burden to prove a manufacturing facility’s negligence typically does not exist in product liability claims. Instead, the courts will hold a facility strictly liable for accidents, injuries, and deaths related to its defective products. Proving a defective auto part caused the unwanted acceleration that crashed your vehicle should be enough to secure compensation for your losses.

Recent Unwanted Acceleration Cases

Toyota experienced a wave of unwanted acceleration incidents from 2002 to 2009. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received many petitions regarding sudden unexpected acceleration from Toyota and Lexus vehicles, but it did not conclude that Toyota vehicles had any defects. It was not until 2007 that analysis showed a high risk of pedal entrapment – along with vehicles accelerating up to 90 miles per hour without the ability to brake. Other car companies, including Ford, Audi, and Mitsubishi, have also faced scrutiny for unwanted accelerations over the years.

We Can Help With Unwanted Acceleration Accident Claims in Phoenix

Do not allow a vehicle manufacturing company to escape liability by unfairly denying your claim or blaming you for the unexpected acceleration event. During claims against Toyota, for instance, the automaker often alleged that drivers had mistakenly pressed the gas instead of the brakes. Hire an injury attorney to help you prove your case and fight for fair compensation. The Phoenix car accident lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy can help you with a case in Arizona. Call (602) 530-8400 to schedule a free consultation.