Phoenix Vehicle Fire and Vehicle Explosions Lawyer

Serious auto defects are one of the primary practice areas at Gallagher & Kennedy. Our Phoenix vehicle fire lawyers have spent decades resolving complicated claims involving defective and dangerous car parts and the disasters they cause, including vehicle fires and explosions. If your vehicle recently caught fire spontaneously or in a car accident, contact our Phoenix vehicle fire and explosion attorneys to investigate the possibility of a design or manufacturing error. A manufacturing company could be financially responsible for your damages if a defect contributed to a harmful vehicle fire or explosion.

What Makes Gallagher & Kennedy Unique?

  • We do not stop investigating at the surface of an accident. We dig deep to identify the causes of a client’s injuries using the resources available at our firm. We have the resources of a large-scale firm but the personal touch of a boutique agency.
  • We serve clients mainly using contingency fees. We represent clients in vehicle fire claims in Arizona without charging a dime upfront. Our firm only charges for its services if the lawyer is successful in obtaining a favorable outcome for the client.

Dangerous Auto Defects and Vehicle Fires

Some of the most catastrophic injuries the human body can suffer are burns. Burns can damage and destroy the skin, as well as underlying fat and muscle tissues. Severe burn injuries can cause permanent scarring, disfigurement or the need for medical amputations. Burns are common auto accident injuries – especially if the vehicle contains a defect that causes a disastrous car fire or explosion. Contact a Phoenix burn injury attorney if you’ve sustained burn injuries as a result of a car fire in Phoenix.

A vehicle defect could cause a fire due to a malfunction within the car’s internal mechanisms. Defective generator controls, for example, could spark fires under the hood of a vehicle. Defective electrical systems, battery modules, shifters, and starters could also cause car fires. If your car caught fire randomly while parked in your garage or driving down the street, a part defect could be the culprit.

If your vehicle caught fire or exploded in a car accident, you may still have a product liability claim. Automakers should design vehicles to minimize the risks of harmful car fires and explosions in accidents. Moving the gas tank away from the rear of the vehicle, for example, could help reduce the odds of an explosion in a rear-end collision. If an automaker releases a vehicle with a design flaw or manufacturing defect that unreasonably increases the risk of fires, it could be responsible for related consumer injuries.

Recovering Damages After a Vehicle Fire in Phoenix, AZ

You need an experienced Phoenix product liability attorney to hold a manufacturing company liable for a vehicle fire. The Phoenix vehicle fire lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy have significant experience navigating product liability lawsuits in Arizona. A successful case can provide financial stability after a catastrophic tragedy caused by a defective automobile or automobile component.

  • Economic damages, including out-of-pocket expenses, medical costs, lost wages, disability costs, and property damage repairs.
  • Noneconomic damages, including physical pain and suffering, emotional damage, distress, mental anguish, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Punitive damages, or extra financial recovery to pay for catastrophic injuries and/or to punish the defendant for wrongful acts.

Vehicle fire claims are often worth a significant amount of compensation since victims may suffer severe injuries. Although a lawsuit will not reverse the serious damages you suffered in a car fire, it could help you and your family move forward. Contact our Phoenix vehicle explosion attorneys for a free case consultation.

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