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When You Should Call a Brain Injury Attorney in Arizona

It is extremely important to protect your rights if you are in an accident in which you suffer any type of brain injury. Even a minor injury to the brain could impact all aspects of your life, both personally and professionally. Living with brain injury may require significant changes for you and your loved ones.

For example, a brain injury may require you to undergo expensive surgeries or temporary rehabilitation therapies. You may have to stay home from work and miss out on earning opportunities. The physical pain and mental anguish that you may suffer are also worth a conversation with an injury attorney. You may be eligible to collect compensation for the parties who caused your brain injury.

When Your Family Member Suffers a Brain Injury

When a loved one suffers a brain injury in an accident, it can significantly impact not only their life, but also your life. You may need to transport them to medical appointments and therapy, handle their personal and financial affairs, and even provide them full-time care. At the same time, you may be suffering from the loss of your previous life that you enjoyed with your loved one.

Your family could be eligible for compensation from the parties responsible for causing your family member a brain injury. A Phoenix brain injury lawyer can help you seek restitution from the at-fault parties for your relative’s injury, whether the defendant is a drunk driver or an incompetent anesthesiologist.

When Your Client Sustains a Catastrophic TBI

The brain is a delicate and complex organ. When victims sustain brain injuries, they can suffer from many different symptoms, ranging from memory loss to motor function challenges to personality changes. Catastrophic injury cases involving brain injuries can be complicated and require the extensive use of medical experts.

Some brain injury patients fully recover over time, while others sustain permanent damage and require lifelong medical care. The necessary medical treatment and care is costly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the average annual cost of treating brain injuries in the United States is over $40.6 billion.

When your client suffers a brain injury in an accident, we are here to help. We gladly accept referrals from other lawyers whose clients find themselves in this devastating situation. Contact our office today to see how we can assist your client.

What You Should Know About Brain Injuries

Any injury to the scalp, skull or brain is a head injury. Any head injury that affects the brain is classified as a brain injury, whether there are external or only internal injuries to the brain. No two brain injury victims are the same because no two injuries are identical.


One of the most common types of brain injuries is a concussion. Concussions typically go away on their own, as long as the patient does not sustain a second concussion while the first is still healing.

A concussion – or any brain injury – can occur from various accidents. These accidents might include a bump to the head, such as in a slip-and-fall accident, or from the body and head suffering a sudden impact, like in a rear-end motor vehicle collision.

Other Types of Brain Injuries

The brain can sustain many other types of head injuries as well, including:

  • Bleeding in the brain, possibly causing pressure to build up inside the skull. Hemorrhage is uncontrollable bleeding in the brain or the space surrounding the brain.
  • Swelling of the brain, causing the brain to press against the inside of the skull. Injuries that cause swelling to the brain are more serious than those that cause swelling to its surrounding tissues.
  • Diffuse axonal injury. This type of injury damages the brain’s cells without causing bleeding. It can cause permanent brain cell death and brain damage. Brain swelling may accompany a diffuse axonal injury.

Brain Injuries and Skull Fractures

Brain injuries can be open head injuries that also involve a skull fracture. They also can be closed head injuries that do not involve a skull fracture. The severity of the injury, the required treatment, and the prognosis all differ according to the type of injury involved.

Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be traumatic or acquired. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) comes from external forces. Common causes of traumatic brain injuries include car accidents, sports impacts, violent crimes, and falls.

An acquired brain injury (ABI) happens internally. Common causes of ABIs are suffocation, drowning, birth injuries, and anesthesia mistakes.

Ask a Phoenix Brain Injury Attorney About Your TBI Lawsuit Today

If a negligent or reckless party caused you or a loved one’s brain injury in Arizona, you may have grounds for a civil claim for damages. A successful brain injury claim may result in payment for related health care costs, pain and suffering (physical and emotional), lost wages and/or wrongful death damages.

Gallagher & Kennedy’s brain injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge to build a strong case on your behalf. Speak to a Phoenix personal injury lawyer today about your brain injury claim during a free and confidential consultation. Call us at (602) 530-8400 or contact us online to request legal advice and a free case evaluation with our law group. Let us provide the brain injury support you need.

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