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An experienced Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer knows crashes can result in severe injuries and sometimes cost victims their lives. When a bicyclist collides with a motor vehicle, they can suffer serious injuries that can impact the life of the bicycle accident victim and their entire family.

At Gallagher & Kennedy, we understand that most bicycle accidents stem from driver negligence or recklessness. We have helped dozens of bicyclists and their loved ones throughout Arizona recover compensation from the at-fault drivers who caused these bicycle accidents. We can help your family recover compensation, as well. Contact our Phoenix bicycle accident attorneys for a free consultation if you recently sustained injuries in a bicycle accident.

Why Choose Us for Your Personal Injury Claim?

At Gallagher & Kennedy, our Phoenix bike accident attorneys are committed to helping accident victims seek justice and fair compensation for the injuries they suffer.

  • We have fought and won compensation on behalf of victims and families in some of Arizona’s highest-profile injury cases, including those arising from bicycle accidents.
  • We have obtained outstanding results for past clients, recovering over $120 million in just one year.
  • We have over 100 years of collective experience.
  • We understand the financial hardships following most bicycle accidents and offer our services on a contingency fee basis.

We know you have many options when seeking an experienced bicycle accident attorney and we’d appreciate the chance to advise you about our services and share past results in similar bicycle accident claims. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

When Should You Contact a Phoenix Bicycle Accident Attorney?


Although Arizona law does not require hiring a bike accident lawyer, having legal representation during insurance claim negotiations and an injury trial is always in your best interests. When you have suffered injuries in a serious accident, your attorney is someone you can trust to protect your interests.

Unlike an insurance company whose goal is to minimize your payout to save money, the Phoenix bike accident lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy only get paid for their services if you do. Put your faith in our experienced bicycle accident attorneys to maximize your chances of a positive outcome in your bicycle injury case.

The more time that passes after your accident, the more challenging it can be to discover and preserve evidence to support your claim. State law also places strict deadlines on injury claims, which can often be as little as 180 days. Therefore, contacting a bicycle accident lawyer as quickly as possible after your accident will likely benefit you.

How Common are Phoenix Bicycle Accidents?

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, 830 bicyclists suffered injuries, and another 33 cyclists lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents in Arizona in 2020.

Phoenix has about 600 miles of bike lanes and 100 additional miles of bike paths and trails. The terrain is largely flat with sunny weather, making it ideal for more and more people to ride bicycles for fun, exercise, and transportation. Even if you are visiting the city or do not own a bicycle, you can rent a bicycle from many companies or even take a tour.

From downtown Phoenix, many people ride bikes to the Phoenix Zoo, Desert Botanical Garden, or Papago Park. There are more features on the outskirts of Phoenix, including South Mountain Park and Sonoran Preserve’s Skip Rimsza Paseo.

No matter where you ride and how enjoyable a ride might be, you are always at risk of a bicycle crash. With all the benefits and attractions of bicycling in Phoenix comes a dark side of cycling. Phoenix ranked eighth among the top cities for bicyclist injuries and fatalities in recent years, with five percent of traffic fatalities involving cyclists.

While Phoenix officials plan to greatly increase bike lanes, they will not complete them for decades. Cyclists in Phoenix risk serious injury due to negligent drivers and other hazards, and they should seek legal help following an injury or the loss of a loved one on a bicycle.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents can result in a variety of injuries, ranging from minor to severe. Some common bicycle accident injuries include:

  • Head injuries: Concussions, skull fractures, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can occur when a cyclist hits their head during an accident.
  • Facial injuries: Injuries to the face, such as cuts, bruises, dental fractures, and broken noses, are common in bicycle accidents.
  • Neck and back injuries: Whiplash, cervical spine injuries, and herniated discs can result from the sudden impact of a crash.
  • Shoulder injuries: Dislocations, rotator cuff tears, and clavicle fractures can happen when cyclists fall onto their shoulders.
  • Arm and hand injuries: Wrist fractures, elbow dislocations, and “cyclist’s palsy” (handlebar palsy) can occur due to the impact of falling on an outstretched arm.
  • Leg and knee injuries: Fractures, ligament tears, and contusions can result from direct impact or twisting motions during a crash.
  • Skin abrasions and lacerations: Road rash, cuts, and bruises are common when cyclists slide across the pavement during an accident.
  • Chest and abdominal injuries: Bruised or fractured ribs, lung contusions, and internal organ damage can occur in more severe accidents.
  • Pelvic injuries: Fractures and soft tissue damage to the pelvic region can happen during high-impact crashes.

What Compensation is Available in Arizona Bicycle Accident Cases?

Compensation in a bicycle accident case depends on the specific circumstances of the incident, the severity of the injuries, and the laws of the jurisdiction where the accident occurred. Generally, the following types of compensation may be available:

  • Medical expenses: Compensation for past, present, and future medical bills related to the accident, including hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, and therapy.
  • Lost wages: Reimbursement for income lost due to time away from work as a result of the accident and subsequent recovery.
  • Lost earning capacity: Compensation for the impact of the accident on the victim’s ability to earn income in the future, especially if the injuries result in a permanent disability.
  • Pain and suffering: Non-economic damages awarded for the physical pain, emotional distress, and inconvenience caused by the accident and the resulting injuries.
  • Property damage: Reimbursement for the cost of repairing or replacing the bicycle and any other personal property damaged in the accident.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: Compensation for the negative impact the injuries have on the victim’s ability to participate in activities they enjoyed before the accident.
  • Wrongful death: If the bicycle accident results in a fatality, the victim’s family may be entitled to compensation for funeral expenses, loss of financial support, and loss of companionship.

To determine the specific compensation available, it is advisable to consult with a personal injury attorney experienced in handling bicycle accident cases in the relevant jurisdiction

Why Do Bicycle Accidents Happen in Arizona?


Negligent drivers can easily collide with bicyclists in Arizona. A negligent driver may operate a vehicle while distracted, drunk, drowsy, or otherwise incapacitated — limiting the driver’s ability to stay within the lines, obey speed limits, and stop at red lights. Reckless and careless drivers may risk bicyclists’ lives in many ways, such as driving too closely to bicyclists, turning left in front of bikers, or striking bicyclists from behind.

Another common cause of bicycle accidents in Arizona is roadway defects. Bicyclists cannot always safely navigate roadway defects — such as unclear signage, potholes, or other surface deficiencies—as motorists can. The lightweight frames of bicycles make them much more susceptible to debris, loose gravel, potholes, tree limbs, grass shavings, and other roadway hazards.

Local and state governments have a legal duty to keep roads reasonably safe for ordinary travel. When government entities fail to do so, and a bicyclist injury or death occurs, the victim and their family may have grounds to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Do I Have a Bike Accident Claim?

Filing a lawsuit in Arizona after a bicycle accident requires you to establish negligence before a judge and/or jury.

Negligence is a careless disregard for the safety of others, which you can establish through four separate elements:

  • First, you need to show the at-fault driver or other party owed you a legal duty to exercise reasonable care.
  • Second, you must prove that the at-fault party breached this duty of care through some act of negligence, recklessness, or intent to harm.
  • Third, you must show that your bicycle accident directly resulted from the at-fault party’s breach of duty.
  • Fourth, you must prove that you suffered specific damages in the bicycle accident, such as personal injuries or property damage.

A Phoenix bicycle accident lawyer from Gallagher & Kennedy can help you meet the necessary burden of proof in your Arizona bicycle accident claim.

Phoenix Bicycle Accident FAQs

Do you have a bike accident claim?

Bike accident claims arise when someone else’s conduct causes injuries. We can evaluate whether someone else should be liable for your losses and seek the compensation you deserve from the proper parties.

What is my bicycle injury claim worth?

Valuing an injury claim is a complex process. First, we look at your past losses, including medical bills, lost income, and other out-of-pocket costs. Then, we determine whether you will have future financial losses, such as future treatment expenses or lost earning ability. We also consider your intangible losses, including pain and suffering or permanent injuries.

Some losses are easier to calculate, but you never want to underestimate what your claim is worth.

What if my bicycle accident injuries seem minor?

Some injuries seem minor at first and although you might feel sore or disoriented, you don’t feel concerned enough to seek medical care. This is a mistake. Medical treatment is critical following a bike crash. You might have injuries you do not recognize without diagnostic testing.

For example, disorientation or fatigue can be from a concussion, and all brain injuries are serious matters. A soft tissue injury can start with mild soreness but escalate to chronic pain that impedes your movement without treatment. Getting treatment ensures you receive proper treatment and have records to prove your injury claim.

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