Trucking Accident Statistics in Arizona

Posted on April 12, 2022 in Personal Injury,Truck Accidents

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Commercial trucking accidents are all too common Large trucks continue to be involved in motor vehicle crashes throughout Arizona and the United States that result in injuries and fatalities. The size, weight, and speed of commercial trucks can make them lethal when they collide with much smaller passenger vehicles on Arizona roads and highways. Therefore, the risk of injuries and fatalities from wrecks involving large trucks can be quite high.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a truck accident in Arizona, or if you have lost a close family member to this type of accident, you may be eligible to seek compensation. Consult with our Phoenix truck accident attorneys for help with your personal injury case today.

2020 Arizona Trucking Crash Statistics

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, over 10,700 commercial trucks were involved in crashes in the state of Arizona in 2020. These trucks include truck tractors (with or without semi-trailers), concrete mixer trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, wrecker or tow trucks, and other truck combinations. Although these wrecks were a small fraction of the overall motor vehicle crashes in the state, they still led to over 2,400 injuries and 105 deaths in 2020. In addition, 8,197 of these crashes involved property damage.

The number of large truck crashes in Arizona has decreased slightly over the years, from 11,210 crashes in 2010. Injuries also decreased from 3,002 in 2010 to just over 2,400 in 2020. However, the number of fatal injuries has increased substantially from 77 fatalities in 2010 to 105 fatalities in 2020.

National Trucking Accident Statistics

These Arizona statistics are illustrative of crash statistics across the United States. Nationwide, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) found that in 2019, 114,000 large trucks were involved in injury crashes, and another 5,005 large trucks were involved in fatal crashes. “Large trucks” refer to any medium or heavy truck, excluding buses and motor homes, with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds. Eligible trucks may include both commercial and non-commercial vehicles.

Fatal crashes involving large trucks have continued to increase over the years. The National Safety Council reports that the number of trucks involved in fatal crashes in 2019 was a 2% increase from 2018, a 16% increase since 2016, and a 43% increase since 2010. Overall, in 2019, large trucks accounted for 10% of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes, 4% of all registered vehicles, and 7% of the total vehicle miles traveled. Most people who died in fatal crashes, or 71% of the total, were occupants of cars and other passenger vehicles.

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