Semi-Truck Accident Investigations in a Personal Injury Case

Posted on April 5, 2022 in Truck Accidents

semi-truck accident

A semi-truck accident involving commercial trucks are unique because federal laws and regulations apply to these trucks that do not apply to regular passenger vehicles. For example, these vehicles are subject to state laws and laws that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) oversees. In addition, drivers of commercial vehicles, trucking companies, and the trucks themselves are subject to weight restrictions, hours of service rules, and other safety and licensing requirements.

As a result, the investigation following a semi-truck accident may be more in-depth and involve many other inquiries than in an accident only involving passenger vehicles. Your Phoenix semi-truck accident lawyers can assist in performing a thorough investigation into the accident that led to your injuries and helping you seek compensation for your losses. Contact us today for your best odds of securing a fair settlement or verdict.

Investigating State Law Violations After a Semi-Truck Accident

Investigations of any motor vehicle accident include inquiries into what caused the accident. Part of this inquiry involves whether any of the drivers involved violated state traffic laws, such as speeding, traffic lights or stop signs, failing to use turn signals, or failing to yield to other vehicles.

Violating the rules of the road under state law is not conclusive proof of negligence and fault for an accident. However, a violation can be strong evidence to show that drivers were negligent or careless as to the safety of others in operating their commercial semi-trucks and causing accidents that injured others.

It is critical to work with an attorney experienced in conducting big truck accidents and proving negligence by the truck driver or the trucking company caused your injuries.

Investigating FMCSA Violations After a Semi-Truck Accident

FMCSA has enacted various regulations that govern semi-truck drivers and trucking companies. Violations of these regulations also can serve as evidence of negligence that leads to liability in a personal injury case stemming from an accident.

For instance, FMCSA rules limit commercial semi-truck drivers to certain hours of services and rest breaks, require random drug and alcohol testing, and require completion of appropriate licensing. Drivers also must maintain extensive driver’s logs and pass specific physical qualifications for their jobs. When drivers fail to meet these standards and cause an accident that leads to injuries, these standards may be necessary evidence in the personal injury case. Therefore, any thorough evidence must include an investigation into these factors.

Likewise, trucking companies must adequately screen their drivers’ backgrounds and driving histories. They also must ensure that their drivers follow hours of service rules and complete driver logs as required. These companies must ensure that their trucks undergo periodic safety inspections and are appropriate to be placed in service for the safety of their drivers and others on the roadways. Again, violations of these rules can lead to liability for accidents.

Let Us Seek Compensation for Your Injuries After a Semi-Truck Accident

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We know how difficult it can be to handle legal matters while you are struggling to recover from injuries in a semi-truck crash. Allow an experienced and knowledgeable truck accident attorney at G&K to handle your legal issues while you focus on your physical and mental recovery from the accident. Contact the offices of Gallagher & Kennedy, P.C. at 602-530-8400 or online at your convenience. Set up a time for a free consultation to talk to us about your case.