Injured in an Arizona Bicycle Accident — Can I Get Compensation?

Posted on February 9, 2022 in Bicycle Accident,Personal Injury

bicycle accident

Bicycle accidents can result in devastating injuries, as cyclists have no protections against the force, weight, and speed of much larger motor vehicles. Although the Arizona Department of Transportation (AZDOT) reports that bicycle accidents have decreased in recent years, almost 1,000 such accidents still occurred in 2020.

Almost all bicycle accidents occurred in urban areas like Phoenix, and 100% of those accidents resulted in injuries or fatalities to the bicycle rider involved. As a result, when the negligence of others leads to you or a loved one suffering injuries in a bicycle accident, you may have the right to compensation for your losses. In this situation, an experienced Phoenix bicycle accident attorney can help.

Bicycle Accident that Can Lead to Personal Injury Claims

Most personal injury accidents rely on a legal theory of negligence, or the careless disregard of a person for the safety of others. Almost all bicycle accidents result from the negligence of a driver who strikes a bicyclist or otherwise causes a bicycle accident. If you can establish that negligence caused the bicycle accident that led to your injuries, you may have a claim for damages against that person.

All drivers have a duty to follow the law and traffic regulations to keep themselves and others safe. This duty extends not only to other drivers, but also to bicyclists, pedestrians, and occupants of other vehicles. A violation of that duty that results in injuries to others can result in a personal injury claim.

Common Causes of a Bicycle Accident that May Lead to Liability

Various situations may result in a bicycle accident that leads to a personal injury claim. Both drivers and bicyclists are subject to specific laws and rules of the road. Drivers must properly share the road with bicyclists, and when they fail to do so and cause an accident, they can be responsible for any resulting injuries.

Failure to Properly Pass Bicyclists

Arizona law requires that drivers who want to pass bicyclists traveling in the same direction must give allow a minimum of three feet between their vehicle and the bike. If a driver gets any closer and strikes a bicyclist, the driver could be responsible for compensating the bicyclist for any injury-related medical costs and property damage to the bicycle.

Distracted Drivers

Drivers who are distracted because they are eating, using their cell phones, applying make-up, or using their GPS can easily cause accidents. They may not notice the presence of much smaller bicycles, which may cause a collision. Failure to properly lookout for bicyclists and avoid accidents can lead to liability for the drivers.

Right-of-Way Violations

The same right-of-way laws at intersections apply to both drivers and bicyclists. However, drivers may assume that they have the right-of-way or expect bicyclists to yield to the vehicles. This situation can result in wrecks that injure bicyclists. If the driver has violated the right-of-way laws, then that driver can be liable for any resulting injuries.

Let Us Seek Compensation for Your Injuries After a Bicycle Accident

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