Rideshare Driver Accident? Find Out Who is Responsible!

Posted on December 7, 2021 in Car Accidents

Using a rideshare driver can be a wise decision, especially if you have been drinking alcohol. Ordering an Uber or Lyft ride can also be a convenient option when going to and from the airport, or when you need a ride home after a night out on the town. But, with so many rideshare drivers on the roadways – who are typically in a rush to get people to and from their destinations so they can pick up their next route – it can be risky to other vehicles on the roads.

What happens if you are injured in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver? This can be more complicated than an accident with a non-rideshare driver or vehicle. Find out who can be held responsible, what options you have, and why you need a lawyer.

Who Can Be Held Liable in an Accident with a Rideshare Driver?

As with most auto accidents, the driver is typically the one held liable for the collision, as he or she is the one operating the vehicle. If the driver is responsible, it is their insurance company that would compensate you for any damages to your vehicle, and medical expenses for any injuries sustained. But, what happens if the insurance company doesn’t cover all of your damages?

This is where the rideshare companies can be involved. You can try to hold Uber or Lyft responsible for your injuries if their driver was negligent or participating in reckless driving at the time of the accident.

What To Know About Uber, Lyft Driver Insurance Policies

Uber and Lyft provide a $1 million insurance policy that covers drivers and passengers if an accident occurs while the driver is on a ride and injuries are sustained.

These policies cover the following situations:

  • Rideshare drivers who are injured by another driver in an accident.
  • Rideshare passengers who are injured in an accident.
  • Drivers who are injured in accidents caused by rideshare drivers.

Rideshare drivers also need to carry their own insurance in addition to the company’s policies. This can cause complications with their insurance providers. Some insurance companies may drop drivers or raise their rates if they are working for Uber or Lyft. Other companies have started offering specific policies and coverage for rideshare drivers.

To use the rideshare company’s policies, drivers will need to prove they were actively working at the time of the accident.

Risks of Riding with a Rideshare Driver

While using Uber or Lyft can be convenient, there are some risks you need to be aware of before getting in the car.

Some safety potential safety risks are:

  • Uber and Lyft do not personally meet with each driver before hiring them, so you do not have assurances that the driver has been properly vetted.
  • These are not professional drivers. They do not have specified training or licenses.
  • They need to use their phones to pick up riders and follow routes, putting them at an increased risk for distracted driving.

Why You Need a Lawyer

If you’re injured in an accident with a rideshare driver – whether as a passenger or another driver on the road – it’s essential to hire a lawyer. Dealing with the driver’s insurance company requires an expert to make sure you are getting the compensation you are owed. You also need an experienced attorney to represent your interests with Uber and Lyft if you need to tap into their insurance policies. A personal injury attorney knows what damages you are owed and can help you get the correct amount of compensation.

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