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Innocent victims lose their lives in car accidents every day. Sometimes, it is not a negligent driver or dangerous roadway that caused a car accident, but something inherently wrong with the vehicle. Dangerous auto products could cause life-altering injuries.

The lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy have decades of experience in the practice area of auto product liability. Our attorneys know how to negotiate fair deals with automakers and part manufacturers. We may be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries, property damages, and other losses. Request a free consultation with us in Arizona today.

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  • We have a uniquely practical approach to auto product liability law. We start by getting to know you. Then, we learn everything there is to know about your case, including hiring the best experts to help us help you to reach your goals.
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  • We do not collect attorney’s fees unless we win. Our contingency-fee based payment system means we absorb all the risks of your claim.

Understanding Auto Product Liability

No law requires auto product manufacturers to guarantee the safety of its customers. Federal regulations do, however, require that manufacturers exercise a reasonable degree of care in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing of their products. Reasonable care describes the amount of prudence an ordinary enterprise would use in the creation of automobile parts.

Failure to fulfill the proper standard of care could make the manufacturing company liable for related damages. Yet consumer rights extend beyond the legal theory of negligence and into strict product liability for defect part claims. Federal laws hold companies strictly liable for their products, even without evidence of negligence.

If a product causes an injury, the manufacturing company could be financially responsible for the victim’s damages, even if the company did not do anything wrong. Creating an item with an inherent flaw could be enough to make the company liable for injuries. As a victim, you could receive compensation for your damages even without proving negligence.

Proving a Product Liability Claim in Arizona

Auto product liability claims require fewer elements of proof than typical personal injury lawsuits. Thanks to the rules of strict product liability, most victims will not have to prove the manufacturer was negligent, only that its automotive product was defective and unreasonably dangerous.

A Phoenix car accident lawyer from Gallagher & Kennedy can review your case and help you determine whether the rules of strict liability will apply to your case. If not, an attorney may still be able to file a claim based on negligence against the manufacturer.

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