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Defective Tire Claims in Phoenix, AZ

When a tire manufacturer fails to ensure the performance and durability of its tires, drivers and passengers can suffer serious consequences. A defective tire accident can cause serious bodily injury, damage to your vehicle, and other consequential losses. A Phoenix tire defect lawyer from our law firm may be able to help you obtain compensation from a negligent tire company for your tire defect accident.

Tire Defects Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries

Tires are some of the most important vehicle components; they steady your vehicle, support its weight, and control critical elements of driving, such as steering and braking. The lack of safe and secure tires can compromise a vehicle’s ability to perform and result in catastrophic accidents that injure you and others. If a tire breaks down or explodes due to a defect, you can file a claim against the manufacturer.

A Phoenix tire defect lawyer at Gallagher & Kennedy has decades of experience handling tire blowout and auto defect cases throughout the U.S. Contact our experienced Phoenix catastrophic injury lawyers today at (602) 560-5438 for a free case evaluation.

Why Choose Our Arizona Law Firm

  • We advocate for the rights of injured consumers, but we also push for institutional changes through our product liability law practice. We are proud to influence product recalls and new consumer laws in Arizona.
  • Our Phoenix tire defect lawyers assist our clients with the 24/7 communication, personal dedication, and attention to detail that you receive from a small firm – yet we also have access to the significant resources of a large and prestigious firm.
  • We take tire defect cases for $0 upfront. If we do not win your case, you will pay us $0. Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only pay legal fees if you receive a settlement or judgment award for your injuries.

Accidents Caused by Defective Tires

The most common tire defects involve the slipping of a traction belt or steel belt separating. However, defects can cause a variety of problems which may lead to accidents. Sudden tire failure can cause a vehicle to slip or swerve and create conditions for both single-car and multi-vehicle collisions.

Loss of Control and Tire Blowouts

Blowouts are often attributed to poor road conditions. However, tire defects sometimes result in a tire blowout. Often, drivers will attempt to overcorrect when this happens. A sudden application of the brakes or accelerator may result in losing control of the vehicle.

Defective tire cases often involve multiple lines of investigation, especially if other drivers were involved in your accident. Our tire defect lawyers are able to enlist experts who can determine how your accident occurred and what caused it. We will work diligently to ensure that your defective tire claim is processed efficiently and investigated thoroughly while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

Wrongful Death and Accidents Caused by Tire Failure

If a spouse or family member was the unfortunate victim of a fatal accident caused by tire failure, know that you’re not alone and that you have options. Our Phoenix wrongful death lawyers can help you explore the legal avenues available to you to recover damages on the deceased behalf. No matter the circumstances or repercussions of your accident, we’ll work with you to examine it in detail and lend advocacy and legal guidance to your claim.

Proving that Tire Defects Caused Your Accident

Identifying defective tires as the cause of your motorcycle, automobile, or commercial truck accident often takes assistance from investigators and safety experts. An investigative team can inspect your tires for signs of manufacturing or design flaws that may have ultimately caused your vehicle accident.

Problems that May Indicate Tire Defects

Tire defects are often the result of poor manufacturing processes or human error in manufacturing processes. Contamination on rubber components and air dripping from tires are all examples of manufactured defects that cause defective tire claims.

If you suffered a tire failure, it is often worth investigating the cause of that failure. Some tire problems may be red flags for manufacturing defects, such as:

  • Irregular or uneven wear and tear
  • One tire wearing down faster than the others
  • Thin tire wall or lack of tread
  • A shredded tire or tire blowout
  • Tire explosion
  • Tire tread separation
  • Belt separation
  • Missing tire components
  • Inappropriate tires for the vehicle
  • Improper tire mounting

When we find evidence of a tire defect on your motor vehicle, our Phoenix auto defect lawyers will begin to build a case against the tire manufacturing company and other liable parties. Contact us today to get help with your tire defect case.

We Stand Up to Corporate Tire Manufacturers

At Gallagher & Kennedy, we have the power to go up against some of the major tire makers in the world, including:

  • Michelin
  • Cooper
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Firestone
  • Dunlop
  • Continental
  • Kuhmo
  • Sailun
  • Yokohama

We also have litigated tire defect cases against various heavy truck tire makers. Our Arizona law firm has experience litigating against many major corporations around the globe and holding them liable for the catastrophic injuries their defective tires have caused.

Examples of Tire Defects

Unfortunately, vehicle owners and operators in the U.S. are no strangers to dangerous tire defects. Many devastating car accidents have occurred because of tires that do not perform as they should. Tire defects have led to thousands of catastrophic and deadly car accidents over the years. Every year, the list of tire-related defects and product recalls grows longer, including:

  • Mazda wheels falling off due to defective lug nuts
  • Bridgestone tire tread blowouts and related rollover accidents
  • Hexpol Compounding’s defective glue for tire retreading
  • GM’s cracked Corvette rims
  • Goodyear’s G159 tires

Our law firm is not afraid to stand up to big manufacturers and demand the proper recourse for tire failures that cause devastating accidents and serious injuries. We’re prepared to handle every aspect of your defective tire case and negotiate on your behalf for the compensation you deserve.

How a Tire Defect Lawyer Can Help

If you believe a defective tire caused your recent car accident in Arizona, have a conversation with a Phoenix tire defect attorney at Gallagher & Kennedy. Our car accident lawyers know how to navigate the unique aspects of tire defect claims on behalf of injury victims and surviving family members.

Let our skilled tire defects lawyers investigate the manufacturing process and guide you through the legal aspects of your tire defect accident case.

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Tire defects can lead to catastrophic roadway tragedies. It is our mission to instigate real change in the tire manufacturing industry by holding careless companies accountable for their negligence.

We want tire manufacturers to take responsibility for the injuries and wrongful deaths that their defective products cause. Join our mission by adding your voice to the hundreds we have forced manufacturing companies to hear.

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