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Failure to diagnose is a medical mistake that arises out of a physician’s negligence, inattentiveness, and incompetence. Although the law does not expect a doctor to be right about a diagnosis 100% of the time, physicians must adhere to strict standards of care when diagnosing patients, including following the differential diagnosis method. Any breach of the medical industry’s standards could cause significant patient harm in the form of failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis.

If a physician in Arizona recently failed to diagnose you or a loved one, contact the Phoenix medical malpractice attorneys at Gallagher & Kennedy for a free consultation. The physician and/or hospital could owe you financial compensation for your damages.

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Hiring one of our lawyers in Arizona could help you stand up for your rights against negligent hospitals, physicians and health care insurance companies. Rather than an insurance claims adjuster convincing you to quickly settle your claim for less than it is worth, your lawyer will negotiate for a better settlement on your behalf. A Phoenix failure to diagnose lawyer from Gallagher & Kennedy can walk you through the claims process so you do not settle for less. You do not have to file a medical malpractice lawsuit alone.

What Is Failure to Diagnose?

Failure to diagnose is a type of medical malpractice in which a negligent physician does not properly diagnose a patient. If a prudent doctor would have reasonably been able to make the correct diagnosis under the same circumstances, the doctor in question could be guilty of malpractice. Physicians must follow a certain code of conduct when making diagnoses.

  • Be attentive to the patient
  • Listen carefully to the patient’s symptoms
  • Make a list of possible diagnoses
  • Conduct a physical exam
  • Order blood tests, x-rays or other tests
  • Follow the differential diagnosis method to rule out the “worst first” potential illness or injury appropriate testing and evaluation before proceeding to a less-threatening diagnosis
  • Refer the patient to a specialist as necessary to achieve an accurate diagnosis

Misreading test results, failing to refer the patient to a specialist, ignoring patient complaints or otherwise failing to uphold a physician’s duties of care during the diagnosis process could cause negligent failure to diagnose.

Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions

Failure to diagnose can refer to not diagnosing an ill patient with anything, misdiagnosing the condition or unreasonably delaying a diagnosis. All forms of failure to diagnose could lead to a patient not receiving the proper treatment for his or her illness, injury or condition. The more time that passes before a correct diagnosis, the worse the patient’s prognosis could become. Failure to diagnose occurs more often with certain conditions.

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Lyme disease
  • Lupus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cystic fibrosis

Some diseases are naturally difficult to diagnose; others should receive prompt diagnoses under proper medical care. If a doctor breached a duty of care, failed to diagnose your condition and contributed to your physical or emotional damages, you could be eligible for compensation. A medical malpractice claim in Arizona could help your family receive payment for related medical costs, worsened health outcomes, emotional distress and/or wrongful death.

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