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Some of the most devastating aviation disasters in history have involved commercial airlines. From acts of terrorism to defective aircraft products, commercial airline accidents can occur for many different reasons. The outcome, however, is often the same: hundreds of deaths and serious personal injuries to innocent aircraft passengers.

The Phoenix commercial airline disaster attorneys at Gallagher & Kennedy have more than 40 years of experience helping clients navigate all matters of personal injury law. If you or a loved one has been in a commercial airline disaster in Arizona, call (602) 530-8400. Our lawyers can help you bring the at-fault party to justice.

Why Choose Our Phoenix Commercial Airline Disaster Lawyers?

  • We have extensive experience in aviation disaster law.
  • We are the premier personal injury firm in Arizona.
  • We have a proven record of achieving favorable case results.
  • We listen to each client and tailor our legal strategies accordingly.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis.

Why You Need a Phoenix Aviation Disaster Attorney

Aircraft tragedies, personal injuries, and wrongful deaths are difficult cases to navigate. They involve industry regulatory organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration, along with unique laws and safety codes. Plaintiffs of commercial airline disaster claims require attorneys with the experience to successfully bring their lawsuits against at-fault airlines and other major industry participants. Retaining an Phoenix commercial airline disaster attorney from Gallagher & Kennedy will connect you with the resources and skills you need to pursue your case.

What Causes Commercial Airline Disasters?

Commercial airline disasters are relatively rare in the broader scale of all aviation accidents. When they do happen, however, they are generally catastrophic, taking hundreds of lives instantly. Throughout history, human error has caused the most deadly and disastrous commercial airline accidents. Defective parts, pilot mistakes, and sabotage have brought dozens of commercial aircraft down. Many fatal commercial airline accidents trace back to preventable mistakes by companies, manufacturers, pilots or individuals.

  • Pilot error
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Mechanical failures
  • Defective products
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Air traffic control mistakes
  • Poor weather/lack of visibility

The Phoenix commercial airline disaster lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy will begin your case by listening to your unique story. We want to know more about you, your accident and your experience. Then, we use our significant resources to analyze how and why your commercial airline disaster occurred, naming defendants and gathering any available evidence on your behalf. Evidence may include the commercial plane’s black box information. Our firm knows exactly how to navigate aviation accident claims on behalf of our clients. We work hard to bring at-fault parties to justice after they make catastrophic mistakes.

We Help Victims of the Boeing 737 Max Disasters

Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers have worked on virtually every major airline disaster in Arizona over the past decade. If you lost a loved one in one of the two deadly Boeing 737 Max 8 disasters, we can help. Our aviation accident attorneys can give a voice to victims who cannot speak for themselves, filing wrongful death and product liability claims against Boeing for failing to communicate known software defects to commercial airlines in time to prevent fatal accidents. We could help your family fight to hold Boeing accountable for its deadly lapse in judgment.

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It is important to protect your rights by hiring an attorney with experience after suffering a serious injury or losing a family member in a commercial airline disaster. The Phoenix aviation accident lawyers at Gallagher & Kennedy have represented dozens of clients at the state, federal and appellate levels after aircraft tragedies. Our Phoenix commercial airline disaster lawyers have a national reputation in the aviation law industry for his outstanding successes. Call us today at (602) 530-8400 to schedule a free consultation.

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