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Human error causes many aviation disasters in Arizona, but not always relating to the pilot. Human error in the form of manufacturing mistakes or installation errors could lead to aircraft parts that do not perform as they should during a flight. Defective and dangerous aircraft components could lead to equipment breakdowns and related aviation disasters.

The Phoenix aviation accident attorneys at Gallagher & Kennedy have experience handling aircraft product liability claims in Arizona. We may be able to help you seize compensation opportunities. We have the resources to lead lawsuits against major production companies, airlines and aircraft manufacturers that have a global presence. Contact us for a free consultation at (602) 530-8400.

Why Choose Our Phoenix Aircraft Product Liability Attorneys?

  • We have national prestige in the aviation accident practice area, with our attorneys regarded as some of the finest aviation attorneys in the United States.
  • We have a proven track record of successful aviation claims. Our attorneys have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for clients.
  • We push for change on an institutional level. We not only fight for justice for clients, but we also have the power to directly inspire new laws and aviation product recalls.
  • We do not make clients pay unless we win. Our Arizona law firm operates on a contingency fee basis for personal injury and wrongful death claims.

When To Contact an Aircraft Product Liability Lawyer in Arizona

Aviation is a heavily regulated industry. As such, aviation accidents of all types require legal assistance from professional Phoenix aircraft product liability attorneys. Your Phoenix aviation accident may not match the specifications of a standard product liability lawsuit in Arizona. It may involve complex and nuanced factors within the aviation industry, such as Federal Aviation Regulations and aircraft manufacturing requirements via the Federal Aviation Administration. Trusting a Phoenix product liability attorney from Gallagher & Kennedy with your case can protect your rights and help you seek compensation through all available outlets.

Did You Lose a Loved One in a Boeing 737 Max Accident?

A major aircraft product liability claim involves the Boeing 737 Max 8 jet and the related deaths of 346 people. Over five months, two deadly crashes involving the Boeing 737 Max 8 took the lives of everyone on board. Both fatal aviation disasters shared startling congruencies tracing back to a software malfunction that caused the noses of the aircraft to dive down inflight, ultimately causing both planes to nosedive into the earth.

The family members of the victims who died in Boeing 737 Max accidents may be able to file wrongful death lawsuits based on product liability against the manufacturing company for the defective software. Holding Boeing legally responsible could lead to important changes within the industry. Successful lawsuits may force Boeing to take accountability for its actions and change the way it designs and tests aircraft in the future. A lawsuit could save lives by preventing further aircraft disasters.

Proving an Aircraft Product Liability Claim in Phoenix, AZ

Federal laws offer protections for consumers injured by defective or dangerously designed aircraft products. In most aircraft product liability lawsuits, plaintiffs do not bear the burden to prove the defendants’ negligence or carelessness. The only elements of proof necessary to receive financial compensation are that the aircraft product contained a defect and that the plaintiff suffered injuries or other damages in a related aircraft disaster. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer from Gallagher & Kennedy can assist you with this burden of proof during a personal injury or wrongful death claim in Arizona.

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At Gallagher & Kennedy, we have spent the last 40 years representing the best interests of seriously injured clients and the loved ones of deceased aviation accident victims. Our attorneys and firm as a whole have the experience to build a strong and compelling case on your behalf. If you recently suffered injuries or lost a family member in an aviation accident and suspect the involvement of a defective aircraft product, contact our firm at (602) 530-8400 for a free and confidential consultation. A top Phoenix aircraft product liability attorney in Arizona can help you fight to achieve justice and fair compensation.