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Jet Crashes May Bring 737 Max 8 Safety Improvements

Posted on March 10, 2020 in Aviation

Boeing’s two 737 Max 8 jet crashes and the investigations that followed may change the aviation industry for the better. The October 29, 2018 Lion Air crash killing all 189 people on board and then 5 months later the crash in Ethiopia that claimed another 157 lives brought into focus how a small automated flight control system change in the Max 8 could lead to disaster. Boeing’s failure to recognize concerns about the system and the need for additional pilot simulator training and the FAA reliance on the manufacturer without pushing back are leading to changes in both the company and the FAA. The fallout has seen not only the head of the  Boeing being forced out and the plane remaining grounded, but a severe blow to the reputation and the value of the company. Meanwhile, steps are being made to change the way the FAA works with industry as the agency trusted with passenger safety.