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7 Steps to Do After a Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault

Posted on November 19, 2023 in Car Accidents

It’s hard to think clearly after a car accident that isn’t your fault. You may have painful injuries and feel understandably frightened or overwhelmed. However, taking the proper steps after a crash can protect your legal rights and options. Here are seven key steps you should take after an accident that is not your fault….

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What Is the Deadliest Holiday for Drunk Driving?

Posted on November 15, 2023 in Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Every year, countless Americans look forward to the holidays as a time for celebrating, relaxing, and reuniting with loved ones. However, with festive gatherings and celebrations comes a rise in alcohol consumption and, consequently, an increase in drunk driving incidents. After a holiday accident involving alcohol, a skilled attorney specializing in Phoenix Drunk Driving cases…

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Questions to Ask an Insurance Adjuster

Posted on October 31, 2023 in Car Accidents

Did you recently get hurt in a car accident? Are you feeling overwhelmed thinking about your next steps? If so, you’re not alone. Many drivers experience stress and uncertainty when it’s time to handle insurance claims. A critical step in this daunting process involves speaking with an insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters assess a person’s losses…

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Why Do I Need to Hire an Attorney for a Hit and Run Accident?

Posted on October 30, 2023 in Car Accidents

A hit and run accident occurs when a driver in a collision deliberately leaves the scene without providing their details or rendering necessary assistance to the other party. You know the whirlwind of confusion, anger, and helplessness a hit and run accident can trigger. While dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of such an…

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What happens when a car accident exceeds insurance limits?

Posted on October 26, 2023 in Car Accidents

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences both physically and financially. The aftermath often involves sorting through insurance claims to cover property damage, medical expenses, and lost income. People purchase car insurance hoping that, if they are ever in an accident, the insurance provider will take care of the financial aspect. You may, however, have many…

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What to Expect After a Car Accident

Posted on August 21, 2023 in Car Accidents

A car accident can be an unsettling experience, resulting in a whirlwind of emotions, questions, and concerns. The aftermath can quickly become confusing and overwhelming, from dealing with your painful injuries, car repairs, and medical appointments to insurance claims and possible legal action. Each car accident and its aftermath is unique; however, understanding the typical…

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Types of Car Accidents

Posted on August 16, 2023 in Car Accidents

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality on our roads, with different daily scenarios. From fender benders to head-on collisions, these incidents can cause various injuries and damage to the victims. Different types of motor vehicle accidents may imply different causes, carry distinct legal implications, and result in unique challenges when pursuing compensation. Familiarizing yourself with…

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Rear-End Collisions: Understanding the Legal Aftermath

Posted on August 14, 2023 in Car Accidents

Rear-end collisions can occur in the blink of an eye, resulting from a sudden halt at a traffic light, an unexpected slow-down due to congestion, or simply the lack of attention on the part of the following driver. These accidents can leave many victims with significant injuries, property damage, and the stress of navigating the…

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What Happens if You Get PTSD After a Car Accident?

Posted on August 11, 2023 in Car Accidents

You may have the right to seek compensation for the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) you experience following a car accident and any other physical, emotional, or financial injuries you sustained. Here’s an overview of how accidents can cause PTSD, its impacts, and the role a car accident lawyer can play in securing compensation for it…

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How Much Does Car Insurance Go Up After an Accident?

Posted on August 9, 2023 in Car Accidents

After a car accident, your mind might be swirling with questions and concerns. The financial challenges may concern you the most, particularly regarding your car insurance. How much will your premium increase after an accident? The answer can depend on many factors. Your insurance premium may increase substantially or may not increase at all. A…

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How Can You Tell Who Hit Who After a Car Accident?

Posted on August 7, 2023 in Car Accidents

Determining who hit who in a car accident often plays a critical role in establishing liability. The intricate dance of traffic, vehicles, and human error can create a complex landscape that proves challenging to untangle without a detailed investigation. This confusion can increase in multi-vehicle accidents, where the order of events may prove unclear. Your…

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Head-on Car Collisions: What You Need To Know

Posted on August 5, 2023 in Car Accidents

Head-on collisions rank among the most devastating types of car accidents, often resulting in severe injuries, significant property damage, and even fatalities. The aftermath can feel stressful and overwhelming, leaving victims uncertain about their next steps. You can get help. By hiring professional car accident lawyers for legal guidance, victims of head-on car collisions can…

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When to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

Posted on August 3, 2023 in Car Accidents

Navigating car accident claims, dealing with insurance adjusters, and understanding the complexities of the law can overwhelm you. An experienced car accident attorney knows the intricacies of the legal process and can negotiate and protect your rights. The sooner you hire a car accident attorney after a car accident, the sooner they can help and…

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