Injured by a Defective Auto Part? Learn Your Legal Options

Posted on December 14, 2021 in Personal Injury

A defective auto part can place you in a life or death situation. When you get into your vehicle, you trust that it was built properly, and it will keep you safe. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, your vehicle has a defective auto part that can put you at risk and even cause injuries.

Learn what legal options you have when you’re injured by a defective auto part.

Common Types of Defective Auto Parts

Certain parts of automobiles are more prone to defects than others. Some of the most common defective parts are:

  • Tires: A defective tire can fail or blow out, leading to rollovers. One of the biggest reasons is poor tread design that can cause tread separation.
  • Fuel Systems: If fuel tanks are positioned incorrectly, it can put the tank system at a higher risk of impact during an accident. Fuel tank defects can also include welding failures and an absence of safety devices that can stop gas flow in an accident. These defects can lead to fires and explosions.
  • Seat Belts: If not installed correctly, seat belts can unlatch or tear during a collision.
  • Airbags: While airbags are meant to protect you in an accident, if they have a defect they can fail to deploy – or deploy at the wrong time – and can cause injuries instead of preventing them.
  • Roofs: In the case of a rollover accident, if roofs are not installed correctly, they can collapse during the impact. This can lead to severe injuries to passengers in the vehicles.

Who Can You Hold Liable for a Defective Auto Part?

When you are injured by a defective auto part, it can be difficult to determine who to hold liable. This is where a product liability attorney can help. He or she will help you trace back where the defect took place along the chain, and who can be held responsible.

Some potential defendants can include:

  • Manufacturer: While the company who made the vehicle can be the most enticing party to hold liable as they have the most money, it can also pose the most difficulties as they will likely have a team of lawyers defending them.
  • Parts Manufacturer: With a defective car part, you can hold the company who produced the part responsible.
  • Car Dealership: You could try to hold the car dealership that sold you the vehicle responsible. Even if you bought the car used, you can still hold the used car dealership liable.

 Compensation You Can Seek

When filing a claim for a defective auto part, your attorney can help you determine how much to ask for in compensation. Some potential damages you can seek are:

  • Medical Expenses: This can include any doctor or hospital bills you received while undergoing treatment for your injuries, any medication you needed to purchase, and other treatments such as physical therapy.
  • Lost Wages: You can recover lost wages due to time off work while recovering from your injuries or getting treatment for them. 
  • Emotional Distress: You can seek compensation for stress and suffering the accident caused. 
  • Property Damages: You can get compensation for damages to your vehicle and other property that the defective part caused.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Trying to navigate a product liability case on your own can be tricky. You need an experienced attorney to represent you to ensure you present the best case possible and seek the appropriate damages. It is especially important to hire an experienced attorney if you need to hold the car manufacturer, parts manufacturer, or other large company liable.

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