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Hurt On The Job – Do You Have A Claim?

Posted on May 3, 2021 in Personal Injury

If you are hurt on the job in normal circumstances, you cannot sue your employer – even if he or she were negligent.  There are exceptions to this rule. First, if your employer does not carry worker’s compensation insurance, you can sue your employer.  Second, if your employer intentionally hurts you (the intentional acts exception),…

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Alert!  Takata Defective Seat Belts!

Posted on October 21, 2020 in Personal Injury

Alert!  Defective Seat Belts! Takata is one of the largest suppliers of car seatbelts in the world, and they are looking at initiating a massive recall.  If you were injured while wearing a seatbelt and suspect it may be due to the seatbelt not working right, contact Gallagher & Kennedy for a free consultation. Millions…

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